Franchise Solutions is now a certified email sender!

October 22, 2013 | By

We are excited to announce that we have been certified as a Return Path email sender. You can read about our email certification on our recent Press Release. We are excited because this means that our emails are up to snuff and have passed the test to be officially separated from spammers. Our email reputation has been 3rd party validated and now when we say we are going to send you an email you are going to get it…no fiters hindering us from getting email to you, images will be shown by default, and we will get preferential delivery in your inboxes. Yay for us and yay for you ~ we want you to know that when we promise you we are going to send you something, you get it!

As depicted in the infographic below, you can see there are lots of road blocks that can prevent an email from getting in your inbox. With our new white listing status, our emails can cruise down this path and into inboxes easier!


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