Tip Tuesday – How to franchise a business

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franchise-logosIf you have a successful business and have determined that it is “franchise-able” meaning you have evaluated its potential and found that it can in fact be duplicated well and offer beneficial returns as a franchise, these are the next steps to take:

1. Develop a business plan

2. Devise an operations manual

3. Create training programs

4. Contract a franchise agreement (FDD)

5. Develop a marketing plan

6. Produce marketing tools

7. Undergo franchise sales training

The whole process can be completed in six months to a year depending on the concept and state registrations. For more information on franchising a business and franchising basics click here.

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About Kerry Crocco

Kerry is the marketing coordinator for Franchise Solutions and Franchise.com. She creates and conducts email marketing campaigns, web page management and trade show coordination. She is a mother of two, wife and an independent sales rep for a handmade silver jewelry company called Silpada Designs.

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  1. Mitcheum Cooper

    I have a few questions about franchising and how u became a successful rep selling your creations.

    What was step one in selling jewelry, I’m sure you don’t go door to door trying to sell your products?

    I also create jewelry and sell em can be the challenge at times. The person either don’t contact me after I make a piece or tell me oh I can get that at Walmart cheaper.

    Here’s my franchising question, when purchasing on a franchising is there one price or a number requirements one must do before becoming part owner?

  2. The price to buy a franchise varies greatly from concept to concept. The best way to learn more about this is to find franchises that interest you and see what each opportunity requires. Good luck in your search!