Happy 20th Birthday to Us!

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Do you have a January birthday?  Do you know someone who does?  This month a couple of us are celebrating birthdays in the office and even more noteworthy Franchise Solutions is too . . . the big 2-0, almost legal but an adult none-the-less; able to vote and serve in the military and most importantly able to make its own decisions.

Franchise Solutions turns 20!

Future business owners born in January may have the following characteristics:

  1. Are involved with and interested in social institutions
  2. Like to make things work as they were meant to work
  3. Are humanitarians and philanthropists
  4. Value friendship and have many acquaintances in addition to close friends
  5. Are ambitious
  6. Are disciplined
  7. Are determined and dedicated to achieving their goals
  8. Are practical
  9. Are realistic and cautious and not to get in over their heads
  10. Are multi-talented, both in scientific and creative endeavors

If you have considered owning your own business, we’ve put together some suggestions that would be a good fit for someone with the traits listed above. If something social and fun is what you are after, look into Cruise Planners, Discount Party Stores, Plan Ahead Events, and the TapSnap franchise.

For those of you who are humanitarians you’d be happy with an Assisting Hands, CareBuilders at Home or an Assisted Transition franchise.

Got a creative side to you and enjoy science and/or the arts? Young Masters, Learning Express, Mathnasium and Bricks for Kids are perfect for you!

But the best characteristic of January birthdays is:

The ability to break the rules and move beyond what others think is possible.  This makes those born in January some of the most innovative and hardworking characters of the zodiac. Here at Franchise Solutions, we continue to be a leading force in the industry with programs like pay per click and text to leads.  Breaking the rules?  Only the ones that box other companies in and prevent them from stepping out and meeting the needs of clients.

As an existing or potential business owner, you can trust in the 20 years of experience Franchise Solutions has had in the franchising industry. We provide relevant information to aid you in your search for the perfect business that will provide you with independence and flexibility.  If you find your future business with us, we’d love to hear.

Happy Birthday January born and let us know what characteristics have served you well in business.

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Kerry is the marketing coordinator for Franchise Solutions and Franchise.com. She creates and conducts email marketing campaigns, web page management and trade show coordination. She is a mother of two, wife and an independent sales rep for a handmade silver jewelry company called Silpada Designs.

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