Are You Looking to Buy Franchises?

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Some people prefer to buy franchises in place of starting their own business. The reason for this is because of the support you get from the franchisor. The franchisor is the parent company who allows you to franchise their business. Depending on the actual franchise, you can get assistance with site selection, product training, and expansion opportunities in your area.


If I Buy Franchises Is There a Franchise Fee?

Franchisors will charge a franchise fee to people who buy franchises. One misconception about franchise fees is that they are pure profit for the franchisor. However, this is wrong because the franchise fee is not pure profit for the franchisor. Instead, they take this money and invest it into advertising, marketing, and research and development. Your franchise fee actually helps support your own business. Many franchisors will run regional and national advertising, launch marketing campaigns and provide you with new products to offer your customers.

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  1. I believe that this year 2013, with the use of modern technology like internet, people will have more knowledge of which franchising business to pursue. Choosing the franchise business that’s right for you. But, just an advice to those who are planning to have a business of their own. There will be businesses that are enticing and tempting but please take your time to study that business. It’s kind a risky thing being in the business industry so make sure you’re investing on the right business.. :)

  2. Grahame Clark

    While franchising is a great business opportunity, it is not a path without challenges. Before thinking of starting a franchise business, you should consider the fact that whether your background is in general business or sales and marketing, you should choose franchise opportunities providers that have a proven system that will help you build and expand your client base and achieve recurring revenue streams.

  3. “If you can see the bandwagon, it’s too late” I highly recommend a very cautious approach to entering in a franchise. The market is so saturated and the relationships between franchisee/franchisor are (by my observation) getting more and more strained as the economy continues to tighten. Opportunities to acquire exisiting/established franchise locations may be better move presently. More at

  4. I also believe that purchasing a franchise is preferable than starting a business on your own. Take note that the business you are franchising has already established a name in the industry and you just have to maintain that reputation to continue the success.