Bed Bugs “Sniffed” Out!

September 18, 2012 | By

By Jamie Lavigne

Bed bugs are a growing problem in the USA. The CDC believes that it has a lot to do with more international travel and a resistance to chemicals. That’s right; these blood-sucking ectoparasites have built a resistance to chemicals. Therefore, the traditional methods of killing them are no longer effective.

Introducing Sniff K9s to the rescue! This new franchise is leading the way in ridding bed bugs. Sniff K9s first detects the existence of bed bugs with dog detectives. This is a key part of the franchise because they are difficult to detect. It can take trained professionals hours to find bedbugs, and, even then, they are only 25% effective. Sniff K9s’ trained dogs can detect them within 20 minutes.

A dog’s sense of smell is a thousand times stronger than a human’s. They can literally sniff out the bugs that hide in cracks and crevices.  Once found, the rest of Sniff K9s team gets to work with a heat treatment that can kill the bugs and eggs in one day. This is a green alternative to harmful chemical treatments that require several applications because they do not kill the eggs.

Hotels and motels have the option to be Sniff K9 Certified.  Properties can choose to have monthly inspections to assure patrons that they are bedbug free. Wouldn’t you prefer to stay at one of these hotels?

The K9s come back after treatment to prove that the bed bugs are gone. How do they do that? The dogs are only trained to detect live bugs. The bugs give off a stronger scent while alive. They train on a daily basis with accurate records taken and are rewarded with food. They sit and point their nose when they have found a bed bug infestation.  These dogs should be treated like family and rewarded after working.

Dogs that have a high play drive are the best choice for the Sniff K9s franchise. They have trained many breeds but the Lab is the best option. They search very well and are loved by people, making the dogs easy to live with as they become part of the family. The dogs come from many sources. Dogs that fail to fit the blind program are a great fit. They start the dogs training around the age of 1 or a little higher.

When you invest in a Sniff K9s franchise, you are provided with two well-trained K9s. There will be a four-week training course for the handlers as well.

Please look at this exciting, recession-resistant, green franchise. You can own a pet-friendly concept with the ongoing benefits of helping to rid the world of bedbugs, one infestation at a time.

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