Meet the Franchise Solutions Super Hero!

July 19, 2012 | By

I bet you didn’t know that Franchise Solutions has their very own Super Hero? She is faster than an email sending, smarter than a Google doc, and happier than an approved credit card. Allow me to introduce you to Sharon Guerin Super Sales Assistant.Franchise Super Hero

Not only is she a wife and mother of two, but she keeps our sales staff afloat. Sharon is on vacation this week and we are realizing how much she does for us everyday. Her skills of organiztion, efficiency, and dilligence are all accompanied with a smile. No matter what task the sales team throws her direction, she tackles it quickly. I have never seen an assistant’s desk so clean. She thinks of things before we even do.
Thank you Sharon Guerin our Super Sales Assistant for such excellence and we all miss you, come back soon!

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I am a mother of Malia and Stella and a wife to Matthew. I have an identical twin sister. People call me crazy because I'm very loud and energetic. I love food and spending time with my family doing everything but sitting down. I work in the franchise industry at Franchise Solutions which I love!

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