You Can Start a Subway Franchise without Any Prior Restaurant Experience

April 11, 2012 | By

Figuring out what type of business opportunity you like can often be unrelated to your previous experiences. Many people go to college for a specific area and concentration, only to get into the real world and find employment in a completely unrelated field. However, your educational background as well as previous employment experience can often be helpful, even when starting a Subway franchise with no prior restaurant experience.

Subway Provides Training and Support for Your Subway Franchise

Operating your own Subway franchise is much more than just making sub sandwiches. You will need to keep accurate inventories of product on hand and available to meet you sales. You will need to know how to place orders, pay invoices, process payroll and take care of your filing taxes. Having experience in accounting, business, and management from past employment is beneficial. Even if you do not have experience in these areas, that is not an issue as Subway provides training and support to help grow your new business.

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