The Invention of the DVD Kiosk Put Retail Movie Rental Stores Out of Business

February 7, 2012 | By

In the past when you wanted to rent a movie or video game, you would have to make a trip to a retail movie rental store. These types of stores were able to charge high prices for new releases and make a killing on late fees and other charges. That all changed with the invention of a DVD kiosk. This new way to rent movies put most retail movie rental stores out of business, due to their cheap rental rates for new releases and late fees being the same as the daily rental rates.

Franchise Your Own DVD Kiosk When You Want Your Own Business

There are many prime areas which could benefit from a DVD kiosk, when you want to get into this type of business. You can get your rental kiosk machine when you franchise through our website, here at Franchise Solutions. You can start out with a single location and grow you business by adding more machines and locations.

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