What Were the Best Franchises to Own in 2011?

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2011 was a hard year for many different businesses of all sizes. Large corporations had to scale back operations and some even closed down office locations. Smaller businesses which could not recover from sluggish sales and a slow economy closed their doors. Even though these conditions were going on there were still other businesses which were thriving. Some of the best franchises to own in 2011 offered low overheads and recession proof strategies, by offering products and services everyone needs.

Best Franchises to Own in 2011 Were in All Different Industries

When you look at the list of the best franchises to own in 2011, like available here on our website at Franchise Solutions, you will notice there were opportunities in all different industries. You could find franchises in the food and restaurant industry, opportunities in healthcare and travel, as well as vending and cellular businesses. Several of the franchises were home based businesses while other provided you the opportunity to have a physical store location.

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