Subway Franchise Cost Is One of the Lowest in the Restaurant Industry

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Starting your own business will require that you have cash upfront in your pocket. In order to obtain small business loans, banks will want to make sure that you are taking a risk by putting in a percentage of your own money. When you are looking for an affordable franchise to start but have a limited amount of your own money to invest, you should look into franchising your own Subway restaurant. The Subway franchise cost is one of the lowest that you will find in the restaurant industry.

A Subway Franchise Cost Includes Cash Required and Investment Range

When looking at different franchises you will find that there is different cost categories listed here at Franchise Solutions. For example, the Subway franchise cost requires that you have $12,500 cash upfront in order to begin your franchise application. Additional capital money is needed because the investment range varies from $92,050 to $222,800. The investment range is the amount needed to open a new franchise, which can be financed by obtaining a small business loan or raised through private investors.

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  1. I would never have thought that Subway was one of the cheapest franchises you could buy. Does that mean more specialised businesses like a print franchise would be more expensive?