What Type of Franchise Best Suits your Skills, Aptitudes, and Attitudes?

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Without getting into a long philosophical discussion on the meaning of life and where we may fit into the grand scheme of things, you will undoubtedly agree that we naturally “do better” at and gravitate toward tasks which we enjoy. Conversely, we tend to shy away from situations that we aren’t fond of… and if forced to do them, may not perform well. The question we need to address is “Who Are You?”, and how this will relate to the prioritized “job description” you will inherit when you buy a particular franchise.

As a franchise owner, you are generally in charge of everything – personnel, advertising, marketing, ordering, taxes, customer relations, management, accounting and bookkeeping, administration, sales, etc. However, there are certain functions within particular franchises that are much more important and demanding than others. For example, if you are thinking of a “service based” business, the key to your success may not depend so much upon your being able to provide that service in a professional manner and at a profit, but may depend more upon your sales ability… how earnestly, regularly, and aggressively you go out into the market place and find new customers. If you don’t really “like to sell”, you may be better off in a category of franchise that is not critically dependent on your being an excellent salesperson. As another example, if your “people handling skills” are not superbly honed, it may be best not to get involved in a franchise whereby your prime function will be the management of a large staff of employees or independent contractors. Some of this is surmountable, however, as most quality franchisors have systems in place that seek to train you in all aspects of management.

Your overall success as a franchise owner will depend greatly on your skills, aptitudes, and attitudes as well as your ability to learn new proficiencies and adapt to a systemized approach to business. Your best use of this portion of the “Franchise Readiness Profile” involves self-examination and your honest answers to the important question:


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  1. Ed

    Unfortunately, many people, whether in Corporate America or their own franchise, assume they have obtained management and leadership skills through osmosis. What they end up doing is imitating what their bosses or parents have done. But, that may not be the best thing to do to run a successful franchise. In fact, that’s what our business opportunity is about; training, coaching and developing leaders within organizations to lead in such a way as to make the organization grow and be able to compete on a global scale.


  2. Bonnie

    Thanks so much for this post. I want to invest in a franchise but am pretty lost as to where to start. Your article was really helpful. I’m also attending the San Diego Franchise Expo next month, so I feel like I’m on the right track. Thanks!