Six Franchise Sectors with Positive Trends

March 18, 2011 | By

Franchising Trends are Looking UpFranchises are growing strong, especially in these six industry sectors.

Now that the recession is over, these industries have survived the economic downturn and are now showing signs of growth.

Computer and Internet Franchises
With the economy still recovering, most small businesses are looking to outsource their computer and internet needs. Computers and the Internet have become a necessity. Almost every home has a computer and the need for these services can only increase as technology advances. View computer and internet franchise opportunities.

Health and Fitness
Eating healthy and exercising has become a huge part of some people’s everyday routine. As a growing number of consumers realize this, they will need this service. Also, with health care companies provide benefits and discounts to those that do work out, the growth of this industry is the only answer. Search Health and Fitness franchises.

Home Service Franchises
With the economy on the up-tick consumers will have extra cash to improve their home which means the needs for home service franchises can only increase. From lawn care to home improvement, this industry’s expansion in inevitable. Take a look at Home Services Franchises.

More and more American’s are keeping their new cars much longer than they use to. Which means car maintenance is unavoidable. This industry flourished in the economic downturn and continues to grow every year. Browse more Automotive franchise opportunities.

Children’s Services
With most community’s cutting back on children related programs, the need for this industry is overwhelming. Children related services provide physical and mental well-being that is necessary for a child’s development. Most parents want the best for their children and children related franchises can provide them with that. See more Children’s Services franchises.

Food and Restaurant Franchises
Everyone has to eat at some point. This industry ranked the highest in the 2007 Economic Census Franchise Report. Most people want to get out of the house and just relax, the Food and Restaurant industry, provides that for them. View the Food & Restaurant franchise directory.

These industries are not a ranking or an endorsement, just a list of some of the great industries that are growing and expanding in the franchising world.

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