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Paint Bull Automobile Repair BusinessYou never know what you might find out on the social media sites. As I was reading through some Yahoo! Answers I came across a question from ‘Robert’, Has anyone really invested in the Paint Bull Franchise? (I must interject that Paint Bull is not listed as a franchise, but as a business opportunity) I found the answer, from a current Paint Bull owner to be very interesting.

I was doing some checking around the web because I am one of those guys that invested in the Paint Bull system. I am now an independent business owner using their business model, equipment systems and supplies and quite frankly, I had no idea things were going to be as good as they are.

I was a lot like you. I had a background in the car industry, and was pretty much fed up with working for someone else and with doing the bigger jobs. I also listened and did my research when they gave me their take on how to charge for my services and how to keep my overhead low. To be completely honest, I had a tough time believing that I could make the money they were saying working normal hours without a college degree…but after having now been in business and working with their system for over three years, everything they told me was the absolute truth.

For me personally, I started with a single van and now have three of them on the road and each van grosses a little over 100k a year. After the expenses are taken out, I still make 76-80K profit per vehicle. Their training school is one of the best I have ever attended including the tech school I went to in the military, and the technical support for me after training was done is amazing.

The numbers seem unrealistic until you research the facts and ask the questions and then actually decide to go with it. For me, I took a medium size training load, but also invested in their on-site account development which meant that after my training, they sent someone to my town to set up new account for me. I also did the one week apprenticeship program where they let me go into the field with some of their drivers and learn the field tricks. That helped me to first of all understand how to do it when I started running my own business, but also how to train my own people when it was time to expand.

Probably one of the most telling things for me was when I checked them out with the Better Business Bureau and I found that they have an a+ rating country wide, not just in their own state. These guys know their stuff, have a great support system for you, and between their options for financing and helping you understand the business model, it seems to be a fail-proof method all the way around!

In my opinion, as a guy who was very skeptical and now is a happy business owner, this is a great business investment for a turn key operation that you will see an immediate profit in!


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  1. Ive heard great things about Paint Bull business opporunities. There are many Certapro complaints, but in all honestly they are also a great business opportunity for house painting.

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  3. Paint Bull is a “training mill” and is in the business of cycling students, not providing sufficient training to actually start a business that will have to compete with veterans in the industry. Stay away!

  4. Hello Troy-I thought you were happy with the training you received from us many years ago, I’m glad to see your business is doing well. I obviously take exception to your description of us as a “training mill”-if you like I can supply you with the names of many past students who would disagree with you, or perhaps I can get you to come back up for a vist so we can show you first hand what we are all about-who knows you might just learn something. Al Droste, General Manager, Paint Bull

  5. Steve

    I agree 100% with Troy. Paint Bull is in the business of selling equipment. After the sale you find out you brought overpriced everyday run of the mill tools that can be purchase half the price else where. As far as contacting their “past students” listen to their answers carefully, the ones you can actually reach that is. Unless you want to end up out of thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it, do yourself a favor and stay far away from these snakeoil salesmen.

  6. Ferrari

    Give me a break AL, it doesn’t take long to find your junk all over the internet. In fact there are more scam reports quoting your own name “Al Droste” more then anything good about you or Paint Bull. How do you sleep at night?