Top Ten Franchises for May 2010

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Top Ten FranchisesWelcome to the Top 10 Franchises for May, 2010. The franchises selected for the top ten list were chosen from the available franchises thatFollow Us on Twitter! got the most interest from our visitors for the month of May 2010.

The Top 10 Franchises for May 2010:

  1. Subway – Serving subs and sandwiches, made-to-order and other fast, fresh, and delicious menu items.
  2. DVD Now Kiosks – A unique DVD rental kiosk with a simple, self service DVD vending machine.
  3. 7-Eleven – One of the best know retail franchises in the world. A top convenience store franchise.
  4. Kona Ice – A turn key and fun franchise concept that can be opened for a much lower start up investment than other restaurants.
  5. Fresh Healthy Vending – Join the healthy vending revolution, by answering the demand for fresh, healthy & delicious food.
  6. Cell Phone Repair – A unique electronics retail store that fixes cell phones, ipods, portable video games, and other electronic devices.
  7. American Billing Systems – Outsource your payroll and billing tasks with this fast growing electronic billing system concept.
  8. Saladworks Restaurant Franchise – Fast, fresh, and healthy, Saladworks has a complete menu of delicious and nutritious lunch and dinner entrees.
  9. Flip Flop Shops – Authentic Retail seller of the hottest and most stylish flip-flops, sandals, and casual foot wear.
  10. ACFN, the ATM Vending Business** – Develop and operate your own private network of ATM vending machines.
**New to the Top Ten Franchises List this Month

For current top franchise opportunities (selected daily using a 7-day running total) go to the Top Ten Franchises List.

Note: The Top 10 Franchise List is not ranked by profitability or chance of success, they are simply the opportunities that received the most visitor interest on our website over the course of May 2010.

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  1. Subway is a great place for starting Franchising. except these ten franchising companies still there are a long list of excellent franchisers.

  2. I read once that there are more Subways in the U.S. (maybe the world?) than any other fast food franchises. The surprising one for me is the DVD kiosk interest. I’ve seen these things around and never really thought they would take off.