Barack Obama Holds Town Hall Meeting at Portsmouth, New Hampshire High School

August 11, 2009 | By

Barack Obama speaks at Town Hall Meeting in Portsmouth New Hampshire.Barack Obama arrived in Portsmouth, New Hampshire today to speak at the local high school to push his health care plan. Protesters were seen holding up signs such as “No Spening Our Future” and “Don’t Let the Government get their Hands on Medicare”. Local traffic experienced delays from the time Air Force One landed at Pease Air National Guard Base, and ending when it took off later that afternoon. That’s not unusual for this area of the country, though, as both President Bush senior and junior routinely landed at Pease when returning to their home in Kennebunkport, Maine.

It seems the Presidents main goal was
to repudiate many of the arguments
against his health care reform plan, and
to spin them as “scare tactics”. It leaves me to wonder how many of the supporters and opponents alike, are acting on genuine concern versus pure political affiliation.

Follow this link for a complete transcript of the Presidents town hall meeting. Or follow this link for some of the local television coverage.

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