Mold Detection Franchise Uses Trained Rescue Dogs to Sniff Out Hidden Mold

July 24, 2009 | By

1-800 Got Mold FranchiseThe 1-800-Got-Mold franchise specializes in finding mold growth that is hiding under carpets and behind walls. How do they do it? By combining proprietary infrared thermography and laser particle counters with specially Infrared Thermography Mold Detection Technologytrained Labrador Retrievers to quickly and accurately identify hidden mold and moisture problems in your home.

Many of todays building materials are mold-friendly, which has made mold a growing problem in homes and businesses. Recent medical research studies have found a link between mold and illness including chronic sinusitis, asthma, and even depression. The awareness for mold detection and ratification services has made mold the fastest growing segment of the Indoor Air Quality industry. Within 2 years, mold detection has been projected to be a $10.5 billion dollar industry. The 1-800-GOT MOLD franchise can help people discover where mold is lurking so it can be remedied and ensure they are living Oreo the Mold Dog, Labrador Retrieverhealthy lives.

Oreo (shown in the photo on the bottom right) is the most famous mold detector dog in North America, and has become the very first certified Mold Dog™ in the Northeast. Oreo has appeared on Good Morning America, Channel 6 Action News and over 150 articles and publications. Some people think she’s “the brains behind the business,” but those who meet her know she’s the heart… and, of course, the nose.

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  5. Dan

    How much is the franchise 1-800-got-mold?

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    You can learn more about 1-800-got-mold on this page — the franchise starts around $90k.

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    Learn more about 1-800-Got-Mold franchise the investment is somewhere in the area of $90k-$120k