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Well, it’s that time of year again. When the birds come out, spring flowers start to bloom, and you realize that you haven’t even started your taxes yet! How many Americans are scrambling to do their taxes this week? How many would gladly pay for an experienced, professional income tax preparer to do their taxes? Are you one of those people? While I hate to admit it, I definitely fall into that category (and if you know what Form 4868 is, you know I’m not lying!).

If you are considering buying an income tax franchise, you have the advantage of guaranteed demand for your service. In addition, the seasonality of the tax business will afford you the opportunity to work your own hours and work from home the majority of the year. If you are interested in an income tax preparation business, check out the following top tax opportunities:

Blue Coast Financial Group Blue Coast Financial Group
Work out of your home, offering the largest portfolio of money saving B2B financial services of any business!
Colbert Ball Tax Services Colbert / Ball Tax Services
Ranked in the top 50 fastest growing franchises with over 320 franchises in 23 states. Low franchise fee of only $12,500!
Instant Tax Service Franchise Instant Tax Service
One of the fastest growing income tax preparation franchises in the US. No experience necessary!
Jackson Hewitt Tax Services Jackson Hewitt Tax Service
Absolutely no previous tax experience is necessary! Ranked number one for tax preparation franchises by entrepreneur magazine.
Padget Business Services Franchise Padgett Business Services
This is a great opportunity to become a small business leader in your local community.

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