Happy Earth Day!

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Earth Day image from Google EarthEnvironmentally friendly franchises are one of our fastest growing segments here at Franchise Solutions. Earth friendly and low carbon footprint franchises are springing up across almost every franchise industry. So much so, that Franchise Solutions has put together our own “Green Team“. They’ve already come up with several suggestions to help our company be more environmentally conscious.

The top recommendation is a more efficient recycling program. This is not just for paper products, but the recycling, reselling, and reuse of old computer parts and equipment. Also replacing our incandescent bulbs for energy efficient fluorescent lighting and using two sided printing when appropriate.

Here’s a few more ideas from the Green Team interoffice memo:
1. Turn off your monitor at the end of each work day. This will save a surprising amount of energy.
2. If you are a coffee drinker, be prepared to bring in your own mug! Or be prepared to use one of the mugs in the kitchen cupboards, the company is not going to purchase any more disposable coffee containers.
3. Be prepare to bring in a glass or other container for your water. The company is not going to purchase any more plastic cups.
4. Use the window blinds more efficiently to aid in cooling/heating the building.

Here are some web sites that you may find useful in your own quest to help our planet

Check out this 2 hr PBS special on Frontline about our poisoned waters. It aired 4/21 but will be replayed andEco Friendly Logo online,.

Here’s a brief history of Earth Day and has many links to earth friendly sites.

Here’s a site to view tours of our Earth and see the our impact through Google Earth gallery.

We want to thank our “Green Team” of Paul, Ian, Don and Elaine for all their efforts!

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