Franchise Brand & Logo Placements in Movies

April 15, 2009 | By

I was watching Happy Gilmore with Adam Sandler the other night, and was amazed at how many scenes Subway Commercial with Adam Sandler as Happy Gilmoreincluded a Subway restaurant, logo, sandwich, or reference about the ubiquitous food franchise. In fact, Subway saves the day by sponsoring Sandler’s character and casting him in a commercial, which pays enough money to save his mother’s house and provide the films happy ending (no pun intended). This made me think – Adam Sandler Wearing Subway T-Shirthow many other mainstream television shows or movies have product placements of franchise companies? It can be a mention of a franchise in the dialogue, logos or brands visible in the frame, or (as in the case of Happy Gilmore) a franchise company that actually becomes a part of the movie. If you know of a franchise product placement in the mainstream media, please add a comment below and tell me about it. I’ll publish the best examples of franchises in mainstream media in an upcoming blog post.

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  1. Steve

    How about Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. The whole movie is about going to get a White Castle burger!