Dominos Pizza Uses to Respond to “Hoax”

April 17, 2009 | By

There was a great example this week why companies (large and small) should be involved in social media, when two usavory Domino’s employees exploited the company for their 15 minutes of fame (notoriety?). Kristy Lynn Hammonds, 31, and Michael Anthony Setzer, 32, of Conover, NC uploaded a video to YouTube of disgusting things being done to a take-out order from the pizza franchise. The point here is, if these two geniuses can manage to use a social media site like YouTube to damage a big brand like Dominos, shouldn’t your company be able to use social media to respond to such acts? Patrick Doyle, President, Domino’s U.S.A did a great job of responding with this YouTube video.

Here’s the original video from the employees (WARNING: this video may make your skin crawl!).

Remember, social media is an opportunity for your company to be out on the ‘front lines’, and to catch bad press before it snowballs into a larger problem. And if something similar to this Dominos incident occurs, you will be in a position to diffuse and counter the allegations before there’s a media disaster.

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  2. max

    Used to work at Dominos Pizza and this is so unreal about how employees sould behave at their stations.