Top Ten Franchises for February, 2009

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Top 10 Franchise Opportunities ListHere’s our monthly list of the top ten franchise businesses for February, 2009. The Top 10 List is produced from the most downloaded franchises on the Franchise Solutions directory. The Top 10 List is not in any way stating that these are the best franchises or most lucrative franchises. These are simply 10 of the currently hottest franchises on the market today.

Here is the top ten franchises list for February 2009:

  1. Subway – Fast and casualfoods, sandwiches, and healthy deli sandwich franchise
  2. Ecowash Mobile Car Wash Franchise** – a waterless car washing system which couples uncompromised quality and convenience with environmental sustainability
  3. Pro Energy** – Energy auditing trhough the use of thermographic imaging to determine wasteful energy use
  4. American Billing Systems – Outsource your business to business and electronic billing tasks
  5. Commercial Property Consultants – Create a significant Legal tax benefit to reduce/eliminate your State and Federal Income taxes
  6. Cards for 10 Bucks – Showing companies how to get more results out of their business cards
  7. Dollar Stores Services – North America’s Largest Developer of Dollar and Dollar Plus Stores
  8. 7-Eleven – The leading franchise and most recognized convenience store chain anywhere
  9. Adult Startups Business – Adult themed and R-rated business opportunity
  10. DVD Now Kiosks – Automated DVD rental using a convenient DVD dispensing kiosk machine
**New to the Top 10 Franchise List this Week

View the current top 10 list (which is re-calculated daily with a 7 day running total) at, Top Ten Franchise List.

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  2. Steve

    Where’s “The Scotch Tape Store”?