The Franchising 2009 Final Four Tournament

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As I was watched the final four teams advance in the NCAA Basketball Tournament this past weekend, I couldn’t help but wonder what would a franchising final four tournament look like? It may not be March Madness, but it would be a very competitive battle and it wasn’t easy to come up with the brackets. The top franchise from each of the four top franchise industries advanced to the final four. The final four franchises in the top four franchise industries were:

  1. Food and Restaurant – SUBWAY
  2. Retail Franchises – DVD Now Kiosks
  3. Children’s Franchises – Monkey Joe’s
  4. Business Services – American Billing Systems
Franchise Final Four for 2009

1) The Food and Restaurant division was particularly tough (you might say the ACC of the franchise playoffs). Subway was the winner holding off a strong 7-Eleven rally (honorable mention goes to Little Caesars and Dickey’s BBQ restaurants).

2) In the Retail Franchises division DVD Now Kiosks beat out a solid run from Knockout Vending franchise.

3) The Children’s Franchises division saw Monkey Joe’s come out the winner, with Monkey Bizness a close second.

4) The highly competitive Business Services division had American Billing Systems coming out on top, with the Cinderella Cards for 10 Bucks falling just short of the final four.

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