Franchise Trends for the 2009 New Year

December 9, 2008 | By

As the new year approaches, let’s take a look at the business trends and growing industries that potential franchisees should consider before buying a franchise. Many of these trends are being fueled by the aging baby boomer generation while others are driven by the movement towards environmentally friendly products and healthier lifestyles. Here are a few of the franchise industries that should continue to grow in 2009 and beyond.

»Green Franchises

Whether we are talking environmentally-friendly, earth-friendly or energy efficient, Americans are trying to lower their carbon footprint and recycle as the ‘go green’ movement takes hold.

»Recession Proof Franchises

Considering the current economic climate, finding a sector that will be needed and in demand – despite the economy – is more important than ever.

»Health Care and Seniors

As the baby boomer generation moves into retirement and reach their senior years, they will fuel health care, in-home care, and fitness franchises for the next decade.

»Digital and Internet Franchises

The Internet and high tech market will provide many opportunities as more consumers move online and technological advances create new industries.

»Healthy Foods

After having already banned smoking in public places, now local governments are passing laws to ban trans fats in restaurants from fast food to high end restaurants.

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  1. Steve

    I would add energy-related businesses to that list. Especially businesses that produce wind power and the infrastructure to distribute and transport alternative energy sources.