Cyber Auto Track Businesses Offer Millenium Plus GPS Technology

October 8, 2008 | By

Cyber Auto Track GPS Technologies

Start a business that offers the latest GPS anti-theft technology products with a Millenium Plus distributorship business from CyberAutoTrack. With this GPS technology product you will know where your car is at all times. You will know whenever your car is moved, whether it is by a car thief, a member of your family, or by your local car repair shop. Soon, GPS units will be in every car sold in America. Why not take advantage of this growing industry? This is a home based business opportunity that will allow you to set your own hours, and set your own weekly schedule. Offer you clients peace of mind and enhanced safety with a CyberAutoTrack GPS business.

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  1. juan reyna

    Hi my name is Juan Reyna and im from Peru. I am interested in creating a company in my country dedicated to provide anti theft oriented GPS services and tracking devices in order to reduce insurance costs for companies that have large fleets of vehicles, construction equipment and other. Peruvian insurance companies have recently began asking for GPS devices in some types of vehicles because of the increasing level of robbery and theft that are affecting their margins. My idea consists on providing the GPS tracking device (preferably one that activates and gives location once the user of the vehicle communicates the robbery by phone to a call center), the service of reporting the incident to the law enforcers and then coordinate the vehicle recovery.

    Peru is practicaly a virgin market to this devices and services. We have the presence of only one company that has a license with lo jack that provides the kind of service i have described. The opportunity to develop the market exists, i think the trend is that in a few years the GPS device in vehicles will be mandatory.

    In addition i work in the largest peruvian bank, have connections and commercial relationship with insurance companies and vehice finance areas in most banks in the country and have capital to invest in the development of the business.

    What i lack is technical knowledge of the technologies in which i have to rely to have the sysem working (cellular networks, radio frequency). I need a partner or a franchise that suport my idea. I have looked on the internet for companies that provide these kind of services and products in other countries and found yours.

    Well thats about it i wish you can hep me develop this business idea see if its viable or compatible with your technology so we can determine if we can do business together.

    Hope to hear from you soon


    Juan Reyna Peña ;

  2. Gus

    Hi Juan,

    It sounds like a franchise might be just what you are looking for, but you’ll have to decide if you want to buy a franchise or start your own business. In any case, check out these automotive franchises. There are many different types of franchises available at any given time, if you don’t see what you want keep looking. Use our site (and others like it) to do research and get information on what franchises would be best for you. Then request information on each company to compare different franchise concepts. Once you have the basic franchise information, you’ll be in a position to talk to them directly. Franchise Solutions is a portal for franchise information and not an actual franchise company. Feel free to ask more questions and good luck in your business venture!

  3. Federico Espinosa

    I’d like to know if you can also provide info about a GPS company in America that can sell GPS devices that can read the maps and cities in Peru, I hear that it’s a chip that can be install in certain devices, but also heard that you better off buying the GPS in Peru to prevent any innacuracy or mal function,and do you know of any manufacturer worldwide that makes those devices.

  4. Gus

    Sorry, but no.

  5. GPS technology is one of the highly evolving technologies nowadays. I have a feeling that it will continue to get famous in the future. However bleak that future seems to those who labor to bring forth this technological advancement, it can still be considered promising.

    Some may be tricked in thinking however that they provide the best technology but the one you mentioned here is undoubtedly as promising as any other innovations offered in the market. Thanks for the insights.