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Inquiries to Sales – The Power of Closing the Loop

In today’s world of user-generated content, the Internet is redefining how information is published and, more importantly, how it is used and valued. For Franchise Solutions, this means that one of the many ideas we are enabling is that of allowing our model users – those that inquire to our advertisers and purchase a franchise – to share their experience with and encourage thousands of others visiting our sites to take a similar path to franchise ownership. Talk about validation!  We are currently encouraging this through our Who Bought What section of Franchise Solutions and through the testimonial-driven website, Womens Franchises. We look forward to creating new vehicles in the coming months to further enable you to reach prospects with this meaningful, actionable information.

SpanishFUN Sets New Turnaround Record: Three weeks from Inquiry to Sale

One woman inquired to SpanishFUN at Womens Franchises, where we write and publish an authentic franchisee testimonial for participating advertisers. Three weeks later, due to some tight follow-up from the franchisor, this prospect was in training as a new SpanishFUN owner. Their model testimonial converts approximately 20% of the folks who read it to leads – a far higher conversion than most web pages. Why? Because people want to share in the experience of owning a business that they’re considering buying before they submit an inquiry.

If good franchisee validation increases your sales, think about applying that idea to a MUCH larger audience. How many more qualified leads might we deliver to you if we presented tomorrow’s prospective franchise buyers with several testimonials or blogs, published by people just like them that found their great new franchise at one of Franchise Solutions sites? How did they narrow down their search? What was the buying experience like? This information makes prospective buyers a lot more qualified and comfortable submitting inquiries to you.

Tell us about your recent sales to our leads and let us help you start generating a higher volume of quality leads tomorrow.

How can we better meet your franchise recruitment needs? Send your suggestions.

What Franchise Buyers are Saying:
“References were the most key part of my due diligence when I researched which franchise to buy.”

Suggested Franchisor Response:
Serious prospects want to know that other people, just like them, are succeeding with franchise ownership. Take advantage of opportunities to get validation that backs up your business model, published online. Franchise Solutions writers can interview your current franchisees to integrate this type of content with your advertising campaign.

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